Studio pop-in with Eddy Carroll

When i was little, my favourite bedtime story was the one my dad told us about a girl whose obsession with spying and eavesdropping turned her into a pineapple with a thousand eyes. How many eyes have you created so far?

Ha! Pineapple head!! I liked the story of tiki tiki tembo no sa rembo chari Bari ruchi pip peri pembo and his brother Chan, who both fell into the well. Ok, so, I've made 40 hand/eye pieces over the year before I turned forty. This work derived from the Sufi poems of Rumi and Shams of Tabriz's 40 rules of Love.  They were all shown together in Istanbul in a show called ' wordless calligraphy ' . During that time I made another piece for a show called Lucky curated by Liane Rossler in Sydney,  so that's 41. I made a giant sparkling eye, cause that's how I often feel, sparkly eyed, 42. And when during a period of reworking the Inuit myth ' skeleton woman', the first part of the skull I would start on would be the eyes. There were probably 6 skulls that came out of that body of work, so 12-ish, as not all of them had two detailed eyes.... 52.  Also, 3 eyes for a show this year in New York based on street art by the Brazillian duo 'Os Gemenos'. 4 Dragon eyes for Popcraft's 'double happiness ' exhibition.. 59 ha!! good number !!! 

You’re known as Eddy “Serendipity” Carroll. What role has chance played in your art practice?

Haha! Am I now ;)  My practice chooses me, it's all serendipitous..... I remember learning that word when I was young, it's a word I felt you could almost physically hold on your hand, like a wand or a precious stick. I'm just a conduit. I just try to be open and present cause usually what I'm looking for is already there, in life and in my practice, which is one and the same thing now. 

You have “mobile art” practice, what’s your favourite reaction from a commuter on public transport? Also, how do you prevent all those beads, sequins and threads from flying around when you are on the move?

You know what, in all the sewing I've done on public transport, I've only ever lost one needle. It went down the side of the chair on a train from Dandenong...  I was fishing about trying to get it back and said out loud to the person opposite me "I dropped my needle down the side of the chair !!" and they got up and moved. It's only now as I think about it, they probably weren't thinking it was an embroidery needle. Same day I left a Karl Ova Knausguard book on the train too...  Clearly not so present that day. I do get tangled and knotted up sometimes. Mostly, I get so focussed and then completely meditative I don't usually drop anything. I just go at whatever pace the transport sets. The best trip was on a bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, I loved that trip. I had the two seats to myself, I could spread out, I could bead, it was super cruisey. By time we passed the giant gold Buddha peaking out of the lush green mountains, about 3/4 of the way to Chiang Mai I'd finished a piece. . . one of the rules of love. 

Now to the unsparing question. What are your 2,5 and 10 year artistic plans?

Pauline !!! I have no idea. I'll make up something on the spot, in 2.5 years I'd like to travel to either or all, Japan / Morocco / India to visit friends, research and have a sensory feast.... My practice leads me so I can't say. I could be offered a gig somewhere entirely different, one never knows. In ten years time if I'm still alive, I'd like to have pushed outside my comfort zone, surprised myself, collaborated and sorted out my shoulder pain... Sounds a lot like the present so, you know, I'm pretty happy where I'm at, I'll just keep opening to what comes next. As long as there is love, I'm doing ok. X 

Eddy is currently showing her works in the "Double Happiness" exhibition at Pop Craft Studio and at the Radical Yes! store. 

All photos courtesy of Karl Scullin