studio pop-in with Soft Stories

Isobel you grew up speaking French, regularly sharing your home with foreign exchange students and believing that "our land abounds in nature strips" was a line from Advance Australia Fair. Do you ladies have uncanny childhood coincidences or similarities? 
Cat had to wear cotton wool in her ears and I had camphor strung around my neck all through primary school. I’m sure we would have been best friends. We both grew up in regional Australia with crafty mothers and grandmothers who taught us so much about what we do now.

After so many hours spending working together have you developed any freaky idiosyncrasies?
We often turn up in unplanned matching outfits, usually of a stripey nature. Through the couple of years we have worked together, we have developed a keen eye for subtle differences in cardboard and felt qualities! We also share a weakness for fun puns.

Will your book characters be speaking other languages i.e have you planned a worldwide domination? Surely, they would pick up Japanese with great ease.
We are putting our characters through intensive bilingual training, we hope there will be a tortue, Schildkröte, tartaruga, qoolleyda and kame living in treehouses all over the world very soon!

Apart from ergonomic scissors what your tools of the trade?
Our tools are as simple as they can get, but we couldn't live without tacky glue. Having said that, we have been known to pull out big drills and circular saws!

Cat and Isobel will be leading the "Thinking in 3-D with felt" class on Saturday the 5th of September from 10-4pm. Bookings here.

All photos courtesy of Heartland