Cording and Trapping with Rosie

Here are some raving reviews of last month's Cording class lead by Rosanna Ford:

"Rosie's class was both fun and informative.  Learning the basics of the cording technique and becoming aware of its possibilities was very exciting for me as an artist and a textile-lover.  The Pop Craft studio was fantastic as a workshop space, fostering a relaxed, colourful and productive atmosphere while we worked."-- Maggie

"Rosie's cording class was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. Learning a new embellishment technique from an obviously talented textile designer all among like minded textile lovers. There was there plenty of one on one attention, cups of tea, discussion of what fabrics, yarns and embroidery threads would work best and a beautiful array of samples, perfect for generating ideas. Rosie passed on her learnt tricks that first time corders might stumble upon and also baked us a delicious treat for morning tea."-- Carla

Rosie will be sharing more of her surface embellishment secrets in her next class - Trapping, on Saturday the 23rd of May from 10-4pm. Work the magic of this ancient textile technique into your fabrics to create truly one off designs. 

All photos below of Trapping samples were shot by heartland.