pop craft studio - emerging jubilant and primed for action

Many moons ago, the Pop Craft Studio concept was just a reverie.
Finally, after 
a successful fundraising campaign supported by friends, family and fans; along with months of nail biting and planning,
Pop Craft Studio emerges jubilant and primed for action .

After consulting with an impressive list of textile all stars we are thrilled to announce the first 3 of our extended lineup of masterclasses.
These workshops have been designed to feed the passion and satisfy the thirst for knowledge of all textile nerds.
Each one has been thoughtfully formulated by artists, designers and craftspeople to ensure the survival of traditional textile practices and
at the same time inspire new forms of designs.

We hope that our masterclasses will give you the expertise and tools necessary to free your inner textile genius.
Also, we welcome any suggestions for future classes. 

With great respect and affection, we would like to thank Carla Grbac and Rosanna Ford for leading our inaugural classes.