Pop Craft Studio is a dynamic and colourful sphere, orbiting within the Big Bang Complex.  
Encompassing all that is textiles, its primary aim is to serve as a point of exchange for ideas. It also offers master classes in traditional and contemporary textile techniques hosted by local and international experts. These experiences have been designed to inspire and encourage the preservation of evanescent handcrafting skills.

The studio space is nestled amongst the treetops alongside Merri Creek, an exceptional setting for absorbing specialised knowledge and exploring your very own creative wonderland. Admire your hands up close, open your mind, measure your pace and no doubt your genius textile juices will flow freely.

And as a way to facilitate the meeting of great minds, an elaborate (and delicious) Feast is held on the last Friday of every second month. There is always a celebration at Pop Craft Studio. With every season comes a newsletter, to receive it please click on the envelop icon below.

- Pauline Tran-Cecil

1/177 Beavers Road, Northcote 3070